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N U T R E W I S E provides services oriented around the following:

A.Nutrition through

    the Life Cycle (Normal Nutrition)
B. Medical Nutrition Therapy
C. Weight Management
D. Sports Nutrition
E. Nutritional Knowledge & Education

Nutrewise is a Nutrition, Diet and Weight Management Consultancy, based in Bangalore, India. Our Founder Ms Raksha A. Changappa established Nutrewise on the 15th of August, 2008. Ms Raksha is also the Owner-Principal Consultant of Nutrewise.

Highlights of our Services
highlights of our services
Expert Advice – All clients are personally counselled by Ms Raksha A. Changappa, the Founder-Principal Consultant
of Nutrewise. Ms Raksha is a highly awarded professional and the best dietitian (dietician)-nutritionist in India today.
The Founder

Raksha Changappa, is an award winning Indian dietitian-nutritionist, based in Bangalore, India. A nutrition activist and nutrition advocate, she is also a published nutrition author, and nutrition panelist, amongst others.

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