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::: Who We Are

Nutrewise is a Nutrition, Diet and Weight Management Consultancy, based in Bangalore, India. Our Founder Ms Raksha A. Changappa established Nutrewise on the 15th of August, 2008. Ms Raksha is also the Owner-Principal Consultant of Nutrewise. To know more about her, including her academic background and work, please visit the Founder section of this website.

::: What We Do

Nutrewise provides the widest spectrum of specialized Food, Nutrition, Diet and Weight Management consulting available in India. Our services include diet counselling for better known and rare diseases/disorders, nutrition workshops and relevant guidance for food based industries, to name just a few.  To know more, please visit the Services section of this website.

::: Name and Logo

Our Founder derived the name Nutrewise, from the words `nutrition’ and `wisdom’, respectively. This is in line with the fact that Nutrewise is a source of expert, scientific and effective nutritional knowledge, advice and information, of which the final recipient is our client.  Our tagline `expert advice’ is an expression of this very fact.

Our logo-a tree, was similarly chosen by our Founder as it is symbolic of everything Nutrewise stands for, including, wisdom, good health and growth.

::: Why Are We Different

All of our clients interact directly with our Founder-Principal Consultant, Ms Raksha A. Changappa. Ms Raksha is a highly awarded professional and the best dietitian (dietician)-nutritionist in India.

Ms Raksha is passionate about quality and hence she places great emphasis on giving her clients the finest advice available. In fact, these and many other features make us the most sought after nutrition consultancy in the country today. To know what sets us apart from the rest, please visit Highlights of Services section of this website.

::: Our Clients

Our clients include people from all walks of life, corporates, non governmental organizations (NGOs), not for profit organizations (NPOs), schools and others. Our facility for diet counselling via remote (online, telephonic and postal mail) mode has enabled us to serve clients from across the world, making us truly global.

For information on how to contact us, please visit the relevant section.

::: A Note

We try our best to protect our intellectual property, including the contents of this website. However we are not always successful. What we write or say here in this website may be copied by imitators. Though a copy will never match up to us, we do want to tell our clients-remember, you read it first, here at Nutrewise!!

We wish everyone the best of good health.


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