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1. There may be touts, middlemen or individuals who offer to get a client an appointment with Raksha Changappa, and/or Nutrewise. We are not responsible for actions taken by clients based on misleading information supplied by touts or middlemen or random individuals, and the consequence or inconvenience of such actions. Clients who insist on creating an inconvenience to us on the basis of such touts, middlemen and individuals, will be dealt with very firmly. We will also initiate legal action of the sternest order against the tout, middleman or individual who is responsible.
2. Information about us available in online & printed business directories like Just Dial, Getit & others, are auto-generated by the directories. We are not responsible for a client`s actions or decisions based on such unverified information. 3. Kindly rely only on information posted on this website and received from our official email id.
4. The diet consulting services are available only for children (male/female), teenagers (male/female), adults (female) and elderly (female) clients. "

5. Nutrewise and Raksha Changappa have no associated phone numbers. Client enquiries are handled only via email.
6. Client visits and all consultations are very strictly by prior confirmed appointment. As a norm all our appointments are booked a minimum of 3 months in advance. Unsolicited visits will not be entertained. Rights of Admission Are Strictly Reserved.
7. Raksha Changappa`s hourly consulting charges are INR 5000 onwards, per person.
8. Not being aware of the above guidelines, or our website and our Terms & Conditions will not be considered as an excuse.
9. Nutrewise is a niche/boutique consulting service, a sole proprietorship of Raksha Changappa and has no branches.


For all client enquires please contact:

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