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In spite of the fact that most people discuss only adipose (fat) when talking about weight, the weight of an individual is actually the sums total of her/his organs, body fluids, bone, muscle AND adipose tissue. Hence, in reality a person’s body weight is affected by changes in all or some of these components. These changes can be a result of growth, reproductive status, physical activity, disease and aging.

Maintaining a constant body weight is possible when there is a balance between the Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure of a person.


An imbalance in the same can result in either Overweight or Obesity or on the other end of the spectrum-Underweight. These imbalances can be due to lifestyle (including diet and physical activity), an underlying disorder (Hypothyroidism), medications (steroids) and the like.

Neglecting weight imbalances affects a persons health in more ways than one can imagine. An individual can strive to correct imbalances in her/his weight via Medical Nutrition Therapy before resorting to options like medication or surgery. It’s a proven fact that Nutritional Management and lifestyle changes can help with weight problems.

At N U T R E W I S E we offer you customized Nutrition Therapy for not just Overweight or Obesity and Underweight, but we can also help you with Post-Natal weight loss.

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