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A very less discussed weight imbalance is Underweight. The Body Mass Index or BMI, a tool for classifying weight can be used to determine if an individual is Underweight, as given below:

BMI of 17.0-18.49        Mild Underweight
BMI of 16.0-16.9          Moderate Underweight
BMI < 16                      Severely Underweight


An individual can be Underweight for various reasons including:

- Inadequate diet
- Excessive physical activity
- Disorder resulting in faulty absorption of nutrients consumed
- Wasting disease like Cancer, AIDS
- Eating Disorders
- Stress

Being Underweight makes an individual prone to the following:

- Infections
- Reduced fertility
- Poor bone health resulting in Osteoporosis and fractures
- Muscle weakness
- Poor pregnancy outcome including Intrauterine Fetal Demise (IUFD), Low Birth Weight (LBW) Infant and premature birth
- Mood fluctuations and impaired concentration

In N U T R E W I S E management of Underweight is effectively done via Nutritional/Diet Plans which are individual specific and made keeping in mind factors like:

- Family history
- Medical history
- Lifestyle
- Dietary preferences
- Previous attempts at weight gain

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