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There is a lack of authentic sources of information regarding the kind of Nutritional Management which can benefit an athlete, whether recreational or professional.

Considering the fact that a sportsperson`s energy levels, hydration status and consequently his performance in the sport are affected by what he has eaten/drunk just a few hours before a game, the right kind of nutrition becomes very important.

The kind of Nutritional Plan an athlete should follow depends on the kind of sport he participates in eg: whether its a high intensity-short duration sport like a Sprint or moderate intensity sport like Gymnastics.


Inaccurate Nutritional Management can result in problems which can affect an athletes performance in the sport (eg: rapid onset of fatigue, dehydration) and also his/her long term health (eg: decreased bone mass in female athletes, Sports Anemia).

In N U T R E W I S E you can get customized Nutritional Plans for your particular sport and professional nutritional advice on a host of topics including:

Nutritional guidelines for specific sports including but not limited to:


Fluid, Carbohydrate and Protein requirements of Athletes
Carbohydrate loading
Sports Anemia
Athletic Amenorrhea
Weight Management
Sports Foods (eg: Sports Drinks, Sports Bars)
Ergogenic Aids (eg: Amino Acid Supplements)

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